• When does the course start?

    Your course will become available immediately after you register.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    At Jasneath Education we design our courses to be as flexible as possible. The first two courses in the series are available for 165 days, with each subsequent course, which have more specialised topics, available for 110 days. These timeframes should provide plenty of time to complete the course material, and to allow you to engage (should you wish) with the Jasneath Education Community, or jump onto our Facebook page.

  • How long do I have access to the Jasneath Education Community and Facebook pages?

    The Jasneath Education Community is available to everyone while they're enrolled in a Jasneath Education course. The Facebook page is a permanent way of maintaining contact with both Dr Amanda and the Jasneath Education community.

  • What do I do if I have other questions?

    Please don't hesitate to email Dr Amanda at jasneath.education@outlook.com if you have either questions about a course or a more specific gifted education question. To pose questions for the broader Jasneath Education network, please connect with either the Jasneath Education Community or the Facebook page.